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Nano implants

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There could be conflict between the personal freedom to use one‘s economic resources to get an implant that will enhance one‘s physical capabilities and what society at large considers desirable or ethically acceptable.“

brain implants

Public awareness of the MIND CONTROL Technologies and experiments on humans and its impact on individuals and society in Sweden and the World.

Only within a small sphere of military / medical classified research and industrial projects are factual knowledge available. It has once been of scientific research has focused on the new technologoist is developed into a commercial orgy of humantorture and humiliation,injury to a third party carried out by researchers and their speaking computers with artificial intelligence.

How long shall attempt to sacrifice their families and work have to fight for their human rights in the frenzy of abuse that is now underway on software developed for mapping the brain. 25-04-2010. US CACH seeks to establish a network of laymen and media. This group will be dealing with the social and ethical sides to research, development and the implementation of emerging technologies in our society. The most interesting part are the Direct Human Brain – artifcial intelegence – Interface System technologies. US CACH will do extensive and thorough research into this totally new area, which at this point, is being investigated only by the few.

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Implant chip in the human brain.Synthetic telepathy is communication systems built on thoughts, not speech. Multimedia communication network is based. Brain copying is performed around the clock, largely by learning computer, copying is nothing short of serious torture. No one would voluntarily give informed consent to this serious research abuse. It takes years of learning and program development to develop the new computer-brain interfaces and multimedia language between man and computer. Subjects are now against their will has been online for 6.5 years on Man-Brain-Computer-Interface.

Neurological research has progressed so far that you can hack the neural system is wireless, which means that a computer can communicate with your brain and store all your sensory experiences, and then studying your kognetiva behavior, ie, the ultimate human study. The commercial user fields are endless and it feels no need to explain the far-reaching consequences when abused. This technology brain-computer interaction has happened during the 2000’s and will revoltion our way of life.

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A new research scandal and the fatal consequences for the wider community.

Online-connected brains and neural networks.


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It must be forced FET and ICT research opportunities to the development of the new computer brain language allow computers to learn to read human thoughts by using injectable brain – machine – interface.

The about same brain-machine interface has carried out research to cure Parkinson’s disease and Alzimers, and depression can also be used as a cranial prosthesis for accessing the brain’s memory. With a language software can copy the human brain prosthesis thoughts and read them.

Professor Goran Hermerén ethical aspects of ICT implants in March 2005http://ec.europa.eu/bepa/european-group-ethics/docs/avis20_en.pdf

The new computer language and the brain brain-machine interface in nano-electronics, and “Europe’s new information technology” provides the research opportunity for reading and long-term images of the brain’s neurons. A method that provides high-resolution copies of brain cognitive behaviors and human perception.

Tomorrow’s high-speed computers and related research has evolved into a sophisticated computer games with mind reading on living people.

How can serious criminal organization and ICT-FET research on the brain, with fatal stopped? Not announced research method irony can not be any acceptance of society’s legal system.

“ICT (Information and Communication Technologies)
“FET (Future and Emerging Technologies)

“BMI (Brain Machine Interface) (brain-computer interconnection)

People used again in Sweden, Europe and the rest of the world, which attempts, now with Nano electrodes in the brain. Nature of the studies show that they are fatal. Due to the non-announced diagnostic methodologies in health care can Webhosting with online-connected brains of various brain studies established in Sweden, Europe. Brain Studies conducted on humans without informed consent.

SYNTHETIC TELEPATHY for medicine or mind reading is a direct communication with nanoelectronics between computer and human brain.

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Synthetic telepathy, a communication system based on thoughts, not speech. It can be used to control the prosthesis and cure diseases such as Parkinson’s disease but can also decode the language used to read minds and therefore studying cognitive behaviors such as memory, learning and emotions. In nanoelectronics, the material can also be recorded in the new quantum computers. The recorded material provides high-resolution copies of brain aging. Simulation of behavior can be identified and provide diagnostic data for identifying the precursors to diseases such as dementia, stroke and myocardial infarction

This letter is intended to demonstrate a paradox in the Swedish so-called “protection of human rights” and thus the entire Swedish justice system. Synthetic telepathy could, as practiced in Sweden, lie behind an unknown number of violent crimes and suicides due to research deliberately kept hidden from regulators.

Doctors in the psychiatric diagnosis of people with “voices in his head” after the manuals. DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) published by the American Psychiatric Association and the ICD-10 (International Statistical Classification of Disorders and Related Health Problems).

This is an old-fashioned black and white and diagnostics when the EU priority FET ICT research and develop new information technologies adapted to nano-electronics.


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The Research Council’s book “Where gold glitters blue” states such as; If we imagine that we ourselves would have shrunk the growth of electronics has made since the mid-seventies, was an adult now only be a few microns high. A few million people would fit in a small elevator – but not without experiencing some problems. Our vocal chords would be too short to capture the sound and our eardrums too small to capture sound waves.We would simply have to find other ways of communicating, adapted to our new size.

Ulf Gorman writes in the book that with nanotechnology, we open the doors to an unknown area where we do not know how to apply ethics. What should it be and what should not be allowed when you can make electrode implant that can both read and influence the brain? He takes the example of studying learning and memory.

Micro Implants can provide unprecedented opportunities to understand how we learn and remember things, and hence why we forget and find it difficult to learn. And it can be understood as a form of abuse to look like that into our most private mental world.

Lund University writes about the development of nano-electrodes can both listen and communicate with neuronal synapses and their cell membranes.

EU priority ICT and FET research are talking about a “A whole new communication technologies in Europe” You write “Can such understand and exploit the ways in which social and biological systems, organization and evolution, will pave the way for the development of new opportunities for next-generation software and network technologies “.
To understand how the human brain works not only leads to innovations in medicine but also providing new models for energy, fault-tolerant and adaptive computing technologies “.
An initiative of the Virtual Human Physiology that are individually tailored simulation of the human body where you would expect enormous progress in disease prevention and health care.
The pioneering work carried out also on new ideas such as artificial living cells, synthetic biology, chemical communication, collective intelligence and two-way interface between brain and machine

A new research scandal and the fatal consequences for the wider community.

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Other sources, eg, University of California, Irvin, describes the development of synthetic telepathy. Collaboration between cognitive science, neuroscience, specialists in automatic speech recognition and brain imaging will develop a brain-machine interface that could help paralyzed and soldiers must be able to send messages directly from the brain to a computer. Researcher Michael D’Zmura, President of the UCI (University of California Irvin) Department of Cognitive Science describes the system to begin with “the little voice in your head“.

The question now is, how can a medical diagnosis unequivocally diagnose people’s perception of a voice in my head that no alternatives to be related to mental illness, because it is a prerequisite to be able to “hear” voices in my head for using new information technology?It is this research because of their severe abuse (probably with a large dark figure) must be forced to announce scientific communication technology based on Brain-machine interface.

This paradox must be investigated immediately. That the exclusion of the development of a Swedishand Europe researcher militant regime with excellence in two-way “radio” communications with the brain. It has to have a notice of that technology with three-dimensional nano-subliminal speech via electrodes on the head allow for an invisible language dialogue with the man for the development of mind reading, referred to as synthetic telepathy.

A number of past court cases is because the technology is available immediately reviewed the Swedish law is to maintain confidence. Information technology must immediately be taken into consideration as an alternative to impact a number of previously committed violent crimes and suicides as un clear, classified as caused by mental illness with the voices in my head according to DSM-IV and ICD-10.
During development of BMI, software and network technologies are also computerized and distance images of männisorss cognitive behavior and perception. Material that is recorded in the brains of the computer simulations and the creation of artificial intelligence and decision making systems.

The image of the brain’s language is probably the most comprehensive and advanced ever made. Cognitive behavior depicted and simulated, language and meaning of the words for the subjects are identified. Human perception and mapping how the brain handles information, the image of mathematics reached its perfection.

neuron wave A new research scandal and the fatal consequences for the wider community.

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Brain Computers, after several years of automatic round-the-copying with the help of an emotionally intelligent computer speakers with their own will and a chronic overstimulation of the brain was given access to the subjects’ whole picture memory of experiences since childhood. Brain computer can mathematically figure out which images the subject can see or think of. Whole brain’s spatial map of places, roads and towns are also copied. A complete visualization of the self, and a study of aging, are some of the research projects in this serious criminal organization and painful image. The computers have access to the interface to the brain faster than consciousness.

Around the clock going on the computerized study using collective intelligence, artificial intelligence and learning systems. From the victims’ stories, you can sadly conclude unequivocally that the studies will not be completed until the victims in one way or another have been broken down and / or otherwise inactivate. This provides both power to simulate decomposition in the high-resolution copy and brain and the effect that the criminal research with the current lack of knowledge is not disclosed.

Referring to the vulnerable people to eat psychotropic drugs because of their experiences of the research entails only that the studies can proceed unhindered. Instead, various medicines can affect test items recorded and compared with previous values from the multi-annual copy of their real-time neural network and thus the registration of their behavior. Obviously this is a disgusting and illegal ways to meet the advanced development of tomorrow’s medicines.

The multi-annual studies have resulted in enormous damage to many subjects. The real figure is probably high. Families are fragmented, the children of these families are suffering tremendously. One of the subjects have recently been in the hospital with cracked skull, then a case caused by the balance system was not chosen consciously by means of brain monitoring. The accident occurred in public settings.

A new research scandal and the fatal consequences for the wider community.

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To influence the balance system is another typical example of how technology is used against the victim to incapacitate them for society. Direct assassination attempts on several previous occasions orchestrated by the brain control deliberately destroy human balance system, such as the escalators and on subway platforms. Why this happens is likely to persons as an alternative to the mentally ill to be treated as the possession of neurological disease.

Hjärnkopieringar with BMI and broadband access is definitely no longer a marginal research. Employers have over the years lost millions of dollars and perimiteringar is to be expected due to excluded employees. Broken families, children who, after several years do not study and work is now forced to seek psychiatric care. Siblings, grandparents are suffering tremendously. Advanced Medical and hospital care due to study design is a mockery of care and of doctors who are not familiar with this research. Damage Insurance in the multi-million was raised through direct damage caused by brain control. Private property for millions of dollars are lost.

Injuries and privacy of thousands of people is done by volunteers serve as multimedia machines ie nodes for the recording of all contacts they have, such as politicians, scientists, lawyers, friends, acquaintances, relatives, international business relations, etc..

Security codes, access codes, etc. is with the new technology is no longer private.

An interesting question in security policy is. How can we know that people are not equipped with the new brain-machine interface which makes the person a multimedia application with a function as a live missile is already deployed as nodes in the political and financial world of illegal recording of their conversations with the world?

A deadly JOY seems to be in research over the new hugely powerful tool for copying brain and brain control. The tool is, without notice, a weapon of offense watertight.

Implant technology in this form shall be immediately classified as lethal weapons It communicates directly with the brain’s neurons and can bring the entire neural nervous system inoperative. Exclusion of ballansen can be immediately made on an experimental victims.

The technology is now used for purposes of study to break down the persons psyche, with serious accusations, threats, mock execution, incitement to suicide, physical violence, eg, decreased heart rate, pain in and around the heart, chest tightness, galloping heart, burning pain in the lungs tampering with rectum, prostate and muscle to name a few.

The macabre in the use of this technology is the brain that control subjects were exposed to these atrocities when society views without being legally able to influence the situation. Sweden is in the area of the brain control a lawless country where researchers grossly exploiting the situation.

face mind

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A new meaning for the ultimate humiliation has reached a new level. The research tries with the enforced communication and slow decomposition enslave man with exhortations to try to see the objects which the brain controls a company. One can exercise due to the nature and perennial perspective to understand that there are naturally a dark figure of people who have been driven to madness and death with technology.

There is nowhere attempts objects can escape the access and signals intelligence to their thoughts. Scientists simulate with computers, around the clock year after year, try breaking the objects of thinking to understand and build a complete image of memory and behavior.

A series of grotesque roles played in order to manipulate the brain, threats and statements that are mixed with present technology great opportunities. It is also in the researchers’ strategy to make the picture unclear for the objects of attempts to provide an overall picture of who is a criminal practitioner and the real goals of research, a military strategy conducted by veterans of the subject.

The people conducting these studies is nothing but serious organized criminals who may, for example motorcycle gang activities to emerge as pure charity. The practice of technology brings as opposed to positive medical uses only a corrupt and insecure society. Modern diamond technology is used as a new terrorist weapon.

The disrespectful research performed and visualized in a 3D virtual game world in the researchers’ computers, with no ethical boundaries and human rights but with live people as avatars. It is quite similar to playing the popular interactive game “The Sims‘, But this game delivers human reality-based measurement data for research.

Cover-up of brain monitoring technologies means that the crime is waterproof, human rights laws and manipulated by a hidden militant regime researcher with expertise in information technology. In addition, the researchers say they in the dialogue to be the police power which in itself is an extremely serious offense.

For the victims it is about unpunished former high-performance hard-working people with families, children, an orderly life and social contacts. People who all his life been performing taxpayers. Because of a work-related mental fatigue and time on medical therapy sessions with the scientists the opportunity to take advantage of the situation of persons for investigation and contemporary development of the new BMI and brain monitoring technologies.

As these technologies and opportunities are not announced, but several instances re-written, must be able to use knowledge and skills which are available. Sweden is a small country and the people engaged in this activity may not be so difficult to identify and stop.

The researchers in these studies have assumed the right that during the permanent reproduction of human neurotransmitters in the long term also destroy them and their life’s work. The issue is called for; How affected society to know that the violent crime and suicide has been performed in the Stockholm area and Europe in recent years and clearly diagnosed as being caused by mental illness with the voices in my head is not an expression of pure brain research?

As intelligence or sensory “amplifiers”, the implantable chip will generate at least four benefits: 1) it will increase the dynamic range of senses, enabling, for example, seeing IR, UV, and chemical spectra; 2) it will enhance memory; 3) it will enable “cyberthink” — invisible communication with others when making decisions, and 4) it will enable consistent and constant access to information where and when it is needed. For many these enhancements will produce major improvements in the quality of life, or their survivability, or their performance in a job. The first prototype devices for these improvements in human functioning should be available in 5 years, with the military prototypes starting within ten years, and information workers using prototypes within 5 years; general adoption will take roughly about 10 years. The brain chip will probably function as a prosthetic cortical implant. The user’s visual cortex will receive stimulation from a computer based either on what computer sees or based on an artificial “window” interface.

Brain dollar

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pick up where nature left off, incorporating Google-like master maps into neural implants. This in turn would allow us to search our own memories — not just those on the Web — with something like the efficiency and reliability of a computer search engine. By: Ellen McMcgee (Boston) and Mc gee and Mq Maguire jr. Jr (KTH Kista Stockholm SWEDEN) First, we have to remember that all sensory data we experience is converted into electrical signals that the brain can process. The brain does a very good job of this, and we in turn experience these inputs as subjective awareness (namely through consciousness and feelings of qualia); our perception of reality is therefore nothing more than the brain’s interpretation of incoming sensory information.

Now imagine that you could stop this sensory data at the conversion point and replace it with something else. “This in turn would allow us to search our own memories — not just those on the Web — with something like the efficiency and reliability of a computer search engine.” he postulates. “How much would you pay to have a small memory chip implanted in your brain if that chip would double the capacity of your short-term memory?

Or guarantee that you would never again forget a face or a name?” Clearly DARPA (USA) and  SÄPO,FOI (Sweden)would pay quite a lot, given that the research arm of the US military continues to fund scientific development of that exact technology. In recent decades meetings, between nanotechnology, information technology, biotechnology and neuroscience have produced a new research area, which is developing new, unknown products and services. We are facing a new revolution, which are currently, of  universal neurocomputing. A unique perceptual tool, not only does our conscious minds, but also imitate them, sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch.

“The right to search for truth implies also a duty one must not conceal any part of what one has found to be true”



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IBM: Mind reading within reach.

The world is changing fast–maybe faster than we ever thought. And within five years, science fiction is going to turn into non-fiction. We’ll be able to read each other’s minds.


These are just three of the five predictions IBM announced this morning as part of its annual “5 in 5” prognostication project.

December 19, 2011 12:12 PM

The list is meant to promote long-term work being done under Big Blue’s Smarter Planet initiative–and the company says “5 in 5″ already has a track record of success. In 2008, IBM says, it suggested that within five years, consumers would talk to the Web–and the Web would respond. This, the predictions are a bit more :

  • Mind reading is no longer science fiction.
  • You will never need a password again.
  • The digital divide will cease to exist.
  • Junk mail will become priority mail.

It would seem the most interesting idea posited by IBM is the one about reading minds. But lest you think that what its scientists are saying is that you’ll be able to glare at a friend–or perhaps more importantly, an enemy–and know what he or she is thinking, that may be more than five years off. Rather, this is about how our brain implant might someday be synced with computing devices: If you just need to think about calling someone, it happens. Or you can control the cursor on a computer screen just by thinking about where you want to move it.

ibm brain

We’ve been issuing the Next 5 in 5 predictions for the past six years. So, how are we doing? Mindful of the difficulty, and considering the fact that for most of the predictions less than five years have passed, we’ve done pretty well. Two of the first year’s predictions, for instance, have pretty much come true: We will be able to access healthcare remotely from just about anywhere in the world. Today, through telemedicine, patients can connect with physicians or specialists from just about anywhere via inexpensive computers and broadband networks. Doctors can view x-rays and other diagnostic imagery from thousands of miles away. Technologies the size of a few atoms will address areas of environmental importance. Nanotechnology is now used in countless fields and industries, including agriculture, biotechnology and sensor networks, enabling us to understand and interact with the natural.

brain, nan, implants

world in my eyes

Mr Computer’s capabilities and human-like reasoning cannot be understated.

Read moore: http://www.mindcontrol.se/?page_id=6776