One comment on “Are you a Robosapiens ???

  1. Hello Magnus, My name is José Henrique Conde Texceira, I’m 53 Years Old, I’m a Spanish citizen and I’m Currently Living in Benidorm – Spain.
    I’ve been attacked by the Cia and European Union since more than the 2 years ago. I’m already Friend of Peter Mooring (Stopeg), Derrick Robinson (, the people from Icaact, Jess Brenton and Melanie Vritsham, John Finch as well.
    You do a Very good Job!!! Beautiful Web Page!!! Thank You Very Much.
    My Tel. Mobile in Spain is: 00 34 605 739 017 and 00 34 631 470 341.
    God Bless You!!!

    José Henrique Conde

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