One comment on “Chips Coming to a Brain Near You

  1. Thank You for this new information. I go on your site to stay connected to what you are doing, how you are doing, and to read the latest updates,videos, any upcoming meetings,conferences,that maybe I can go to,or places to visit, that I won’t be targeted. I watcjed your Alfred Webre Interview on Youtube, and you mentioned creating a” war tribunal”. This is a good idea and maybe a pamphlet, that can be given to doctors and citizens about what is being done to me,and have your names and experts(Dr Duncan,Dr Trower,Dr Posner,Dr Rauni Kilde,Dr John Hall,Henning Witte,Melanie Vristchan,Peter Mooring,Nick Begich,William Binney,etc) in the pamphlet,as contacts. My Congressman, Zeldins(military intelligence background and foreign affairs committee member)office staff member said it sounds like war crimes being done against me,but he wants medical proof or he won’t investigate. The Secretary Terri acknowledged watching a youtube video of the California Richmond City City Council meeting that passed the resolution banning directed energy weapon use in their city. There is a book called “neuroslaves” written by a psychiatrist in Italy. I’ve been trying to get in touch with him,through the book agent. You might want to contact him and get him to join world cach. There was a conference in California last year on geoengineering and chemtrails. You might want to contact some of the speakers(scientist,engineers,fda,environmentalist,etc).Are you going to the super soldier summit in May 2016, in Las Vegas Nevada? I have also been contacting hypnotherapists, alien abduction researchers,to see if I can expose this through them. The Military can trick TI into thinking that aliens or demons are involved with artificial dreams induced,images of horrifying faces,drones,v2k,etc. The men using these devices to torture and rape me are demonic evil people.And I pray that God kill them ,to stop what they are doing to me and my family members.They do not deserve to live after years of sexual violations,mind control,using my eyes,and isolation.

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